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Darcy Knight

After years of networking we have been able assemble an exceptional group of industry professionals. Taking a dream hunt and turning it into a reality takes an alliance of dedicated people. Our team has a ton of combined experience in the Hunting and Travel Industry. The devoted people we work with are reputable, honest and accomplished professionals.

Vantage Point Hunting

Vantage Point offers a full compliment of services


Vantage Point

is your advantage point!

Finding the right hunting destination can be a daunting task. There is so much information and propaganda out there that it can be completely overwhelming. It seems like every hunting celebrity and TV show host has some kind of booking service or “club”. They often promote lodges that they have financial interests and success is measured by sales and numbers.

We offer a very personalized service that focuses on the client not on volume sales. If we sell you a trip it is because it is right for you not because we have a financial obligation. Our only obligation is to provide clients with an honest dependable service.

Our Services:

  • Our outfitters offer a lot of flexibility. We will work with you and the outfitter to customize an adventure that is perfect for you.

  • We can assist you with flights, tours, permits, insurance and taxidermy

  • We follow your progress through-out your adventure

  • Follow up consultation with you when you get home

  • Assistance with getting your trophies home

Our Fee:

  • Our fee is absolutely free to you

  • You pay the exact same as if you booked directly with the outfitter

  • Often, we will sell below the advertised list price by the outfitter

  • See our “Specials” page for unbeatable deals

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