A Word on Trophy Hunting


I have always hated the term “Trophy Hunting”. For whatever reason it conjures up images of slaughter and provokes thoughts of immoralities and illegalities. The reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. For the sake of this discussion I will refer to this as Select Hunting and not Trophy Hunting.

The term Select Hunting makes much more sense as most hunters opinions vary on what makes a trophy anyhow. For example, there is a strong trend now to seek out and hunt animals that have exceeded the average life expectancy of the species. Theses animals are well beyond breeding age and have temporarily cheated an inevitable cruel death at the hands of mother nature.

Another common misconception is that so- called trophy animals are hunted at the start of the prime stage of their lives but in reality most trophies harvested are post prime years. Most are no longer breeding and have been or are being pushed out of the herd by younger males. Regardless of what constitutes a trophy, our outfitters are very selective of what animals are harvested and do an excellent job of game management, after all their lively hood relies on it.

In regards to those people who do not know any better, please note that the meat from these select hunts is never wasted. Great lengths are taken in all cases to ensure that all meat is successfully transported from the field to the table no matter the remoteness of the location. In addition to strong ethics upheld by outfitters and staff, this is also strongly regulated and monitored by the authorities. Even in the remote corners of the Yukon, harvested meat is brought down from the mountains, lakes and rivers onto float planes and flown into town centers for consumption. In Africa, absolutely nothing goes to waste. Organs and even bones are used.

The operations we represent are leaders in game management, ethical and sustainable hunting. We will only represent those who are true stewards of both environment and the people and animals who inhabit those lands.
. – “Darcy Knight”